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    Welcome to Russia - a great country that spreads for many kilometers and spans eleven time zones and two continents. The country combines in its culture something taken from practical West and at the same time a lot taken from mysterious East. Welcome to Russia

  We offer you fascinating adventure. You will discover the beauty of Russia. You will see the unique landscapes and crystal-clear water reservoirs, endless forests and great mountains, covered with snow and many-many other exiting things. You will found out about the hospitality of the Russian people and you will be surprised how great hotel service is. All of this is part of Russia today.

Welcome to Russia     Enjoying your tours, you will visit ancient cities and towns of Russia such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg and towns of "Golden Ring" to learn about unbelievable Russian history. You will see historical monuments, magnificent (and newly restored) cathedrals and monasteries, treasures and palaces of the czars. The museums and art galleries will open doors for you and you will see and learn about treasures of the world's greatest artists.

In your journey, you will visit the lake Baikal is the largest and deepest fresh-water lake in the world, located in Siberia; the Kamchatka Peninsula harbors one of the most spectacular volcanically active environments on Earth; most spectacular wonders of the Russian Arctic and take a walk on Arctic Ocean Cost. 

Welcome to Russia
     You will be surprised how wonderful wild nature in Russia is. How many national parks and wild forests are there with large is selection of animals and birds. How much rich with variety of different kind of fish are lakes and rivers. For whom hunting or fishing is the best time to spend we offer the best ones they ever had. Funny travel  is one of the largest tour operators in Russia. We specialize in domestic tourism and incoming tourism to Russia.

    For more 11 successful years in business, our highly qualified team has created many interesting tour programs for different kind of tourists.

We wish you a great success and looking forward for productive cooperation with you! 

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